Basketball (Girls 7)

7th Grade Girls Defeated by Benton Central 29-52

By Kylee German | Feb 22, 2023 12:41 PM

The Devils traveled to BC last night to face the Bison. A quick start to the game got both teams in double digits early on with the Devils down 10-14 at the end of the first. Two slow quarters gave the team a deficit they couldn't overcome by the end of the fourth quarter. Leading scorers for the night were St. Hilaire with 18 followed by Fordyce with 9. Love also contributed 2 additional points for the team. The B team also couldn't pull off a victory last night, but they held their own against the A team player heavy Bison team. Cheung's spectacular defense helped the team get steals for some quick points, but the team was outscored 14-32. The Devils will travel to Wainwright Thursday night for their final game of the season.