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Final Forms, West Lafayette Athletics

In order to participate in athletics at West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School, each family (student-athlete) will be required to create a Final Forms account. You can create your Final Forms account by clicking the link below for the parent playbook and then following the instructions. The athletics department will be utilizing this platform to digitize

Senior Aaron Morris – Tennis

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Aaron Morris had the best record on the team this past year.  Along with being a great competitor, he has great hands at the net.” -Coach Wright

Senior Jackson Miller – Swimming

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Jackson has a work ethic that is tough for teammates to match. He remains focused, positive, and finishes every task or challenge that is put in front of him. This year was a great Senior season for him and we saw him break through some big time barriers in practice and

Senior Josh Church – Track & Field, Swimming, Cross Country

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Josh worked hard year-round on the cross country course, in the pool, and on the track. He was able to consistently overcome obstacles in training and racing throughout his time as a Red Devil. Josh has a strong drive to be successful along with a great sense of humor. We wish

Senior Kerem Keskin – Soccer

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Kerem, along with many of his senior teammates, was a great example of leaving everything on the field. As one of our captains and defensive leaders, Kerem was a huge contributor to the success of the team and was recognized as one of the top defenders in the area.”  -Coach Cooke

Senior Joshua Gordon – Swimming

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Joshua was a leader by example in his senior year, and the Breaststroke training group really took off this year because of his model behavior. He has been a steady force for our Red Devils swim team for four years, and we will definitely miss him and his caring spirit next year.”

Senior Caleb Krockover – Swimming, Football

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Caleb’s dedication to kicking earned him numerous awards, break multiple records, and helped our team win 45 games in his 4 years. His work ethic is outstanding and will help him be successful in everything that he does in the future.” – Coach Fry “This young man can kick footballs, but

Senior Tushar Sardesai – Soccer

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Tushar was yet another great example of our senior class that combined success on the field with exceptional academic qualities.” – Coach Cooke

Senior Spencer Blankman – Football

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “It has been a pleasure to coach Spencer the last four years.  He is an extremely hard worker and is willing to do anything to help his football team.  Spencer is a great football player and an even better person.” – Coach Fry  

Senior Miguel van der Mensbrugghe – Soccer

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Miguel was another great example of a senior captain that left everything on the field and excelled in the classroom. Miguel’s individual success on the field was a major component to this year’s team exceeding pre-season expectations.”  -Coach Cooke