Volleyball (Girls 7)

7th Grade Volleyball at Wainwright

By Allison White | Sep 21, 2023 9:37 AM

The 7th grade Red Devils traveled to Wainwright last night to take on the Mustangs. The A team lost in two sets while the B team won in a nail-biting three sets. Juliana Martinez, Maddie Klinge, Charice Cheng, and Addy Weiner all served with 100% accuracy last night. Stella Smosna and Logan Baily led the A team with four digs each, and Daphne Goldberg led the B team with five digs. Some highlights of the A game include Maddie Klinge and Raegan Miller adapting to the other team's defense and tipping over the block. Coach White continues to be impressed by their coachability. Stella Smosna took Coach White's bad lava analogy during a time out to heart and did not let the ball hit the court. During the B game, Juliana Martinez served amazingly at the end of a close set. Her consistency from the line definitely was a large part of the team's final victory. One thing that Coach White is proud of in the B team is their determination to set the ball up more than most other B teams the Red Devils face.