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Senior Eunice Subagia – Basketball

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “You will not find a better teammate than Eunice. Period. She worked hard every day, improved herself mentally and physically, put her team first always, and had the most positive attitude. Her worth wasn’t measured in minutes but in impact she had on those around her…which was phenomenal. She was a

Senior Aidan Sturgeon – Track & Field, Football

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Aidan excels in everything he does. A 3-year starter for our team and always would do whatever is asked of him. As a team captain, Aidan was an outstanding leader. He could be vocal and always led by example.” -Coach Fry

Senior Lamont Johnson – Track & Field, Football

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Lamont Johnson has established himself as a natural leader by example, and provides the type of 100% commitment through perfect attendance that coaches desire to have from their athletes.  Your future is bright Lamont!”  -Coach Custer “Lamont’s energy on the field is outstanding.  He plays the game at a high level

Senior Jack Howard – Baseball

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Jack was one of the hardest working players in our program. He was an important piece of our pitching staff that will be missed. His positive attitude and work ethic were great examples for everyone to follow.” – Coach Hartman

Senior Lucia Perrin – Softball

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video:×1-sTFi3RDmhfGaxUQciaKlqvejfjK/view?usp=sharing “Lucia showed a lot of courage coming out for softball for her senior year. We enjoyed getting to know her and loved her work ethic and dedication in the offseason. I’m sorry she didn’t get the chance to play softball but hopes she enjoyed her time with the team! Good luck,

Senior Alex Lee – Track & Field, Soccer

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “First time participant who was ready to start establishing himself after a strong indoor start.  He was able to help us in the 400m and up.  Good Luck Alex and thanks for coming out for Red Devil Track & Field!” – Coach Custer “Even with the frustration of having his senior

Senior Joey Gavin – Baseball, Football

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Joey was hard working and determined everyday. He never took a day off. He wanted to earn everything that came his way. He had a positive attitude and made everyone else around him better by his leadership.” -Coach Hartman “Joey made an unselfish decision prior to his junior football season and

Senior Kiersten Wood – Volleyball, Softball

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Kiersten exemplifies what our program is about. She works hard, listens, and is a great teammate. She continues to overcome adversity which is a characteristic that will continue to make her successful. Best of luck, K, we will miss you!” -Coach Fry

Senior Gavin Redman – Track & Field, Swimming, Cross Country

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video: “Gavin is one of the toughest athletes we’ve ever had. He puts in a lot of time “behind the scenes” – in the weight room, in the pool, and training for the Navy. After finishing his Cross Country season, he even ran 2 marathons this fall! Gavin also did a great

Senior Jon Love – Track & Field, Cross Country

Student-Athlete Spotlight Video:–6gnjY3wgFGQdtbm/view?usp=sharing “It’s been fun to see Jon grow up over the last four years. He is a friend to all and brother to everyone on the team. We’re most impressed by Jon’s ability to balance school, running, and a summer job responsibly. We wish Jon the best as he continues his